WowFare is a ready-made solution for those who love safe and fast travel. Our travel gurus help people make the right choices, assisted by experts in communication and skilled technicians – all equally dedicated to and enthusiastic about their job. If you recognize yourself in this role, feel free to apply for our open position now.

Travel Consultant (sales training provided)

WowFare is a US-oriented travel agency hiring travel consultants. We are the cutting edge of travel sales operating internationally. If you’re looking for a place to grow professionally and financially, if you’re hungry for knowledge and well-paid work, we provide an environment that generously rewards talent, creativity and hard work through unlimited performance bonuses.

  • NO cold calls
  • NO telemarketing
  • NO previous experience required - you will be trained and learn the latest sales strategies from the top salespeople in the world today, everything about the travel business and you will also improve your English, all at the same time!

What you’ll love about us:
- Great company culture, American-style management. Everyone is positive and respectful
- Weekly events such as quizzes, lotteries, sports competitions
- Excellent, modern, bright and cozy office. Fridge, microwave, tea for free

Working conditions:
- $700+ (base+commision)
- improve your English immensely!
- learn about sales and travel!
- intelligent, friendly team
- great, modern office
Main duties and responsibilities:
- consult customers about air travel and sell flight tickets over the phone

- Above average English
- A good sense of humor and interpersonal skills are an advantage
- We will consider any applicant of any background. If you have good English - why not give it a try?

Want to know more about WowFare?
- Wowfare is a company growing extremely fast that provides travel services over the phone to customers from all over the world, but especially to people flying from US and Canada to Europe and vice-versa. Our travel consultants help make travel absolutely hassle-free and guide our customers through the thousands of travel opportunities they have by narrowing them down to specific options that best suit them and then offering recommendations.
- We are opening up offices in multiple countries and extending the range of services we offer. In the near future, we will start providing all possible travel services – hotel bookings, car rentals, maximal customer support, as well as corporate travel.
- Our long-term principles are continuous improvement through constant optimization, innovation and trainings. We aim to always be on the cutting edge of the travel business.

Ellina|manager HR

Phone: +37360888176