We are looking for:

English Teacher (Corporate)
WowFare is looking for language teachers who are passionate about teaching, enjoy communication and are empathetic with learners.

 What you’ll love about us:
- Great company culture, American-style management. Everyone is positive and respectful
- Weekly events such as cinema day, lotteries, sports competitions
- Modern, well-equipped and cozy office
- Young, flexible company run by young, ambitious people

- Genuinely happy and positive team, good atmosphere

Work conditions:
- Salary starting from $600 depending on skills and experience, significant growth opportunities depending on performance
- Flexible working hours
- Reasonable attitude from the management
- Full-time official employment,
- Regular 8 hours a day job, 40 hours a week (including lesson planning)
Isn’t 40 hours a week too much? Am I gonna lose all my free time?
Most English teacher work “part-time”, or better put, are PAID “part-time” but spend a lot of their personal time lesson planning and preparing for class.
These 40 hours a week already include lesson planning and research. When you go home, you leave work at work. We have hired other English teachers in the past and they find this stable schedule very comfortable, fair and relaxing.
Additionally, the schedule can be tailored to your specific needs, we are very flexible.
Corporate? Is it gonna be boring?
Short answer: absolutely not.

Long answer: there are multiple growth opportunities and types of work you could do if you’re looking for a challenge. Contact us!

Job description:
- Teaching English to the company’s employees from various departments

- Opportunity to do other interesting work that requires good English (details during the interview)

- At least 6 months of previous experience in teaching with up-to-date communicative methods
- Genuine fascination with teaching
- Desire to learn and improve continuously
- Teaching qualifications such as CELTA, TEFL, TESOL or others are a great asset

If you’re energetic, motivated and looking for a way up your career, new challenges and new skills at a great company, this is your chance. We reward effort, creativity and high standards and offer real opportunities for professional growth.

Send us your CV and a letter of intent at careers@wowfare.com