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- You have no issues reading, understanding and communicating in English (IS A MUST)
- You are ready to stick with the Company that guarantees stable and steady growth.
- You are looking for a Company that's able to see, determine, escalate your potential above any limits within a REALLY doable time.
- You are DECIDED and COMMITTED to become the best version of yourself and earn respect and money that you always deserved.
- You are able to learn fast and resist the stress under-no-circumstances.
- You value your time and not willing to waste a second of your life for mediocrity.

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Training goes for FIVE days and those who have passed it successfully will get the job right away.

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- A range of competitive salaries ( 250$-2000$ ) and fully transparent plan on improving needed skills for increasing your rewards.
- Beautiful and cozy US-standard business office and the game zone
- Friendly and helpful Team
- Transparent and fair management concept
- Fast Career Growth for outstanding individuals (based on performance only)
- Work Schedule from 3 pm- 12 am and 12 am - 1 pm.

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