We are looking for:

IT Manager

About company:

Aspira develops leading edge financial technology software for the European and American markets. Using the latest .NET technology stack, we are committed to creating high quality, high performance software in a growing and advanced technology space. Aspira are recruiting for a team in central Chisinau with the opportunity for regular travel to visit our clients in the UK. The company culture is young and vibrant. We are invested heavily in ensuring our team receive the highest quality training in software development.

- Experienced in the following programming languages: C# | MVC | Entity Framework | SQL
- A good technical background, ideally with experience of project management
- Has run a team of developers and testers before

- Excellent English language
- Be able to assist with finding the Chisinau office
- Be able to assist with recruiting the other team
- Be willing to come to the UK for 2 or 3 weeks for training (we will obviously pay for flights, travel, accommodation, meals etc.)
- Be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Chisinau office
- Be able to motivate and lead the other developers
- Be in day-to-day contact with our UK Head of IT to run the development sprints

Want to apply? Our recruitment partner is Mantis.md, so you are invited to send your CV to hr@mantis.md 

They will organize an interview with us.