Company: Blacksea-EMS (Straseni)

Mother company: PRE Power Research Electronics BV (from The Netherlands)

Business: electronic manufacturing services (EMS)

Looking for:

Contabil sef / Chief Accountant

Business: electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
contract electronic manufacturing (CEM)

RESPONSIBILITIES of the Chief Accountant:

  • responsible for the financial processs of the company financial processes
  • Company taxes, VAT
  • salary taxes
  • importing and exporting goods from Free Economic Zone (FEZ)
  • bookkeeping of the company
  • monthly financial reports to PRE
  • all accounting reports needed according to the MD law, FEZ regulations
  • calculate hourly rates, based on overhead and actual workers cost
  • Support GM with product cost calculations
  • payments (in coop with GM)
  • export documents from FEZ
  • responsible for the warehouse and stock management
  • warehouse and stock mgt, book-in arrived goods
  • monthly check of warehouse position and value
  • manage critical stock (=long lead-time items)
  • book-out goods when used for internal orders
  • manage the above responsibilities in an ISO9001 standard way

Profile bachelor degree
experience in production

Tel: 69601312