Orange Moldova is part of Orange Group with a total customer base of 269 million customers on 5 continents. Our mission is to be always in touch to connect what’s essential in our clients life and to offer a unique experience to each client..

Software Developer

what you will be doing:

  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain front-end WEB application scripts, templates and stylesheets
  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain java middle-tier (back-end) application
  • Develop, test, deploy and maintain Oracle PL/SQL (back-end) application
  • Analysis of Projects specifications
  • Application problem solving

what we are looking for:

  • Knowledge in JavaScript/WEB (Ajax , JQuery, templating)
  • Knowledge and experience in Java SE/EE (WEB-container)
  • Good Romanian, English, Russian

what's in it for you:

  • a unique learning experience in our company
  • working experience with great potential for growth
  • wide range of benefits, including:
  • flexible working hours
  • benefits and compensations that you can discover on

We invite you to join Orange for a unique learning and working experience, with great potential for growth in an innovative environment.
Please send us your CV to . We will be happy to welcome you into a young and dynamic team!
Orange Moldova
75, Alba Iulia street, Chişinău, Moldova