We are looking for:

Senior Python Developer


Parkopedia was founded with the mission of being able to answer any parking question, anywhere in the world.
Today, Parkopedia is the world’s leading digital parking services provider used by millions of drivers and organisations such as Apple, TomTom and 18 automotive brands ranging from Audi to Volvo.

We are looking for a Senior Python Developer to be based in Chisinau to support our Data Science/Data Engineering team based in London by leading the development of their Python codebase, productionising their research and data solutions, as well as by architecting and implementing novel frameworks and tools to aid their work. Parkopedia applies cutting edge Data Science and Machine Learning methods and tools that serve some of the world’s largest companies as well as millions of individual drivers.

Your responsibilities will include:
● Take ownership of and maintain the Python codebase
● Work with the Data Science/Data Engineering team to implement solutions, supervise code and test quality
● Build monitoring/visualisation/data tools/interfaces, possibly including interactive (web) UI tools, and REST and code APIs
● Implement and maintain automated workflows
● Create plugins for mapping/GIS tools, such as QGIS, Mapnik, Folium, etc
● Support junior data scientists/developers/data analysts

You will have:
● 3+ years experience with Python, and are able to take ownership of and provide support for a large codebase
● Excellent written and verbal English
● Comprehensive knowledge of RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy)
● Experience with git, docker, CI, CD

Ideally you will additionally have:
● Experience with the Python data science ecosystem (Pandas, Numpy, PySpark, Airflow, etc)
● Experience with (geospatial) databases (PostGIS, geoalchemy2, etc)
● Experience with the Python geospatial ecosystem (GeoPandas, GDAL/OGR, Folium, Shapely, QGIS Python API, Mapnik, etc)
● Experience creating interactive applications, for web (e.g. Flask, Django) and desktop (TkInter, PySide2, etc)
We are an equal opportunities employer and believe in the power of a diverse, inclusive team. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified people, regardless of race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.


Parkopedia is committed to building a great work environment for all our employees. Here are just a few of the benefits that we offer
● Unlimited annual leave - yup, time off is as important as time in the office, we all need to unwind and recharge our batteries!
● Flexible working hours
● Cash bonus
● Training allowance
● Fresh fruit, tea, coffee
● Monthly team lunch
● Annual company trip
● Time off for volunteering
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