We are looking for:

Senior Software Engineer / Java

We are looking for Java hackers who want to engage in building complex, high-impact systems that matter. We are engineers and we value elegant solutions, creative insight, engineering skills, and teamwork.

Required qualifications:

  • Highly skilled in Enterprise Java
  • Deep knowledge of classic Java frameworks - Spring, Spring MVC, JPA/Hibernate, Jersey, and related.
  • Experienced in RESTful API design
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Solid understanding of what it takes to build a scalable system and techniques involved, e.g: caching, monitoring, tracing, eventual consistency, queues, load balancing, etc.
  • A good understanding of the relational model and solid experience with hands-on SQL.
  • Experience with implementing CI pipelines
  • Quick fingers in *nix environments
  • Knowing you way around requirements and estimations in complex prospective projects
  • A minimum of 3 years experience as a professional java developer

Optional qualifications:

  • Experience with NoSQL engines is a plus.
  • Experience with big data analytics engines such as Apache Spark is a plus.
  • Front-end skills are a plus (ES6, React/Angular, etc)

What we offer:

  • Salary above industry average
  • Bonuses for outstanding work
  • An awesome, rewarding work environment that values creative freedom, personal growth, trying out new things
  • A comfortable office with lots of personal space and great gear.
  • Career growth
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful impact and actually change things. Our systems are used by thousands of people every day including in mission-critical environments.
  • A very united team of exceptionally smart people where everyone is truly valued

If interested, please email your resume to hr@bass.md, indicating the position you apply for.