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FullStack JavaScript Developer

1. You write clean and self-documented code in one of ES2015+, TypeScript
2. Strong knowledge and experience with modern front-end frameworks and libraries such as ReactJs and VueJs
3. Good understanding of Node.js
4. Ability to write RESTful applications
5. "Bootstrap free" experience in building rich user interfaces compliant with W3C standards
6. Experience with git
7. NoSQL and RDBMS database knowledge
8. Basic understanding of Linux and it's cli
9. Basic understanding of Docker and CI/CD processes.

Will be considered as a plus:
1. Practical experience with paradigms and patterns related to functional programming, reactive programming
2. Experience in building complex charts using (SVG, Canvas, CSS animations)
3. Progressive Web Apps.

We offer:
1. An open attitude towards new frameworks and technologies
2. Competitive salary
3. Flexible working hours
4. Free lunches
5. Additional training, certifications, courses, and books supported by the Company

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