We are looking for:

Teacher/Trainer Wanted

If we offered you the most interesting teaching job in the country, would you take it?

KIVORK is hiring language teachers/trainers. 

Are you looking for something interesting?
Do you wanna make an impact?
Be part of an intelligent, successful team? Innovate? Inspire?

Join us. It’s well paid, a lot of fun and extremely rewarding.

Work conditions:
- Flexible hours
- Salary starting from $600-$800
- Travel, team-building events, going to conferences

You will enjoy:

  • Training people
  • Improving the existing course material
  • Fun, creative assignments
  • Developing practical skills in a wide range of areas
  • Growing and helping your trainees grow
  • Fantastic people

We will support you all the way through. You will receive excellent training from the best trainers in the country and a unique experience in a rapidly growing international company. Lifetime skills and opportunities, impressive CV entries and invaluable networking.

We reward effort, creativity and high standards. We offer creative freedom - use your own style, create your own lessons, activities, have fun, motivate people! Use your talent! Obtain results, change people, make them successful.

Our mission: making people successful (training) and keeping them successful (fun & motivation).

You will NOT:

  • Get bored
  • Be stuck (there is a whole support team ready to help you adjust and succeed)
  • Regret it (ever)

What you’ll love about us:
- Great culture, everyone is positive and respectful
- Fun events (general knowledge quizzes, board game hour and many others)
- Modern office
- Endless self-development
- Genuinely happy and positive team, good atmosphere

- At least 6 months of previous experience in teaching or training adults with up-to-date communicative methods
- We will consider candidates with excellent English of any background, as long as you are willing to learn
Send us your CV at anastasia.c@techork.com  or call at 069796675.