We are hiring:

.NET Full Stack Developer

Foltor Technologies is a young  IT company that aims to bring a better way for employees and companies to grow together: we ask people to work with us rather than for us. Here, your voice will be heard and will have an impact.
We are a small, easy-going company, without any corporate bureaucracy.
We aim to follow the latest IT trends, use the latest tools, be at the edge of technology advances - latest tech stack, no legacy or support.

We offer:
We entrust people to create their environment and schedule as they see fit best for their own and company’s benefit. Therefore you have a flexible schedule, a full remote possibility, you pick desired laptop/PC and operate in a flat company structure to solve things fast. On top of that, a good salary and possibility for professional growth (see the sections below).

About the project:
It is a web-based enterprise platform, designed and implemented in-house for the needs of our client. It’s a single page application with .NET Core, Entity Framework with MS SQL on the back end and Angular 9 on the front end.

What you'll do:
You’ll join forces with another full-stack .NET developer in an Agile process of migrating functionality from a legacy application to a new state of the art web version. It’s going to be on you to design new modules and components from scratch, propose and implement integration solutions, as well as participate in regular communication directly with the customer.

What we expect from you:
- good English - it’s the official company’s language
- more than 2 years of experience in the .NET framework (we use C# for this project)
- some experience with either Angular, AngularJS or React
- good understanding of what application architecture is
- solid knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and Design (we use Domain Driven Design, but it's not mandatory)
- some experience with SQL or any .NET Object Relational Mapper

Interested? Get in touch - send us an email at jobs@foltortechnologies.com   , we'll be happy to have a chat!