Travel Agent Evening Shift - $1000 guaranteed


Chisinau doesn't sleep at night!
Become a Travel Agent and be active at any time!
You will receive a guaranteed $1000 sign-up incentive and generous sales commission.
Earn more time off for personal activities throughout the day.
As a Travel Agent, you have a passion for the travel industry, enjoy building connections with people, and are a natural problem-solver.
At ITNCorp. we are looking for people who love helping others, are ready to interact with international clients in the evening and night, are persistent, empathetic, kind, and curious.
In this role, you will:
⦁ Receive a guaranteed $1000 USD sign-up incentive and sales commission.
⦁ Receive and process requests from customers already interested in purchasing airline tickets and tour packages.
⦁ Helps customers choose the best option.
⦁ Use one of the most advanced booking and sales engines for airline tickets and tours.
⦁ Build trust and long-term cooperation with Customers.
⦁ Participate in training and continuous development.
⦁ Attend 2 weeks of free initial professional orientation.
⦁ Receive 24/7 support from world-class Trainers and Advisors.
Ideal Candidate:
⦁ Speaks English at an advanced level.
⦁ Is flexible with hours of availability.
⦁ Is results and growth-oriented.
⦁ Is empathetic and ambitious.
⦁ Is stress-resistant.
⦁ Very motivating income.
⦁ Unprecedented flexibility.
⦁ Digital approach.
⦁ Engagement with a global travel organization with 20 years of experience on the market.
⦁ Hands-on experience with industry-defining innovative trends.
⦁ Extensive Promos & Bonuses program.
⦁ Guaranteed development.
⦁ Team-building events.
⦁ Participation in global-scale projects.