We are looking for:

Content Writer

Create a difference in the world with your words! Showcase the products and services of Duals with print and digital content. As our content writer, you will be responsible for accurately communicating our ideals and our value to our target audience.

Our mission at Duals is to offer an affordable, one-on-one language tutoring platform to language lovers worldwide!

Help us bring this mission to life with well-researched content that provides value to our readers and encourages them to benefit from Duals.

Join our editorial team and work on enriching our marketing collateral, website and social media channels with exceptional content.

You have the option to work on an equity basis by joining Duals, Moldova's next leading startup.

Not only that but you will have the privilege of working with us, a Y Combinator Startup, under the mentorship of Nicolay Manolov, founder of Moldova's most popular Startup XOR.ai

Why Duals?

We genuinely believe in helping people find a job that aligns with their passion and their desire to leave a mark on earth. We are disrupting the reason people get jobs by allowing them to work for a cause.


  • As our content writer, you will be responsible for conducting in-depth research on relevant topics and generating new ideas for our website blog and social media channels
  • Proofreading the material before publication
  • Must have an eye for detail and experience in producing content for the internet world
  • Deliver quality content that resonates with our audiences and convert them into customers
  • Create content to boost our brand awareness
  • Write high conversion copy to promote Duals
  • Get the approval and the feedback of our editors
  • Collaborate with you design and marketing teams to illustrate the content
  • Utilize SEO tools to conduct competitor analysis and SEO keyword research
  • Use best SEO practices to increase our presence on search engines
  • Create content to promote Duals and enhance our brand image on social media
  • Ensure consistency of fonts, writing style, tone and brand story across all our communication channels

We also offer part-time work opportunities. Apply for this position with the information on your current job and the time you are willing to give to Duals.

Send your CVs at jobs@duals.app