We are looking for:

Software Architect

At Duals, you will do crucial work to build a better language tutoring platform and you will be a part of a team helping to make language learning more accessible and easy across the world.

We are seeking a hardworking, hands-on engineer to become a part of our team. If you are someone who doesn’t shy away from going an extra mile to create a difference in this world, then we want you on our team.

Our mission at Duals is to offer an affordable, one-on-one language tutoring platform to language lovers worldwide!

Help us bring our mission to life by committing to work on sophisticated designs, creating quality products and doing collaborative problem solving.

Duals is Moldova's next leading startup. Here at Duals, we look forward to awarding you equity if you join our team.

Not only that but you will have the privilege of working with us, a Y Combinator Startup, under the mentorship of Nicolay Manolov, founder of Moldova's most popular Startup XOR.ai


  • 2+ years of experience as a Software Architect and Tech Lead;
  • Experience developing successful applications;
  • Extensive practical experience in the areas of web frameworks, cloud technologies, performance optimization and scalability;
  • Deep experience in design and implementation of scalable systems/highly-scalable architectures;
  • Excellent skills in identifying common patterns, trends, and themes in order to navigate to optimal solutions;
  • Great problem solving skills;
  • Ability to learn quickly and stay up-to-date with new technologies;
  • Self-motivated, passionate about software, and driven to achieve committed milestones;
  • Excellent communication in English (both written and spoken).


  • Drive the architecture, design and development of the Duals;
  • Lead team members and individually contribute to the development of critical subsystems using your expertise;
  • Guide the development team in creating comprehensive high-quality technical documentation;
  • Actively collaborate with other architects and technical leaders;
  • Review the application code on the implementation of advanced concepts (performance, concurrency, security, etc.) in an attempt to prevent the appearance of hard-to-detect and difficult-to-fix bugs;
  • Evaluate the software architectures of existing systems with regard to their adaptability and extensibility;
  • Identify risks (associated with architectural flaws) and communicate them in time;
  • Assist technology experts in understanding particular architectural views and design principles, together with providing advice in terms of recommended patterns to follow.
  • Iterate on UX/UI by working closely with our product and design team.
  • Regularly optimize the website experience of Duals
  • Ensure continuous delivery and fast improvement by being a key advocate of lean/agile methodologies.

We also offer part-time work opportunities. Apply for this position with the information on your current job and the time you are willing to give to Duals.

Send your CVs at jobs@duals.app