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Project Manager

Have you always wanted to oversee a project that is going to disrupt the lives of humans around the globe and bring innovative technology through which they get to achieve their goals?

Play your part as a project manager in Duals.

Our mission at Duals is to offer an affordable, one-on-one language tutoring platform to language lovers worldwide!

Help us bring our mission to life by overseeing and planning the projects we undertake. If you consider yourself a passionate self-starter, and you want to work for a cause, Duals is a great company for you.

Duals is Moldova's next leading startup. Here at Duals, we look forward to awarding you equity if you join our team.

Not only that but you will have the privilege of working with us, a Y Combinator Startup, under the mentorship of Nicolay Manolov, founder of Moldova's most popular Startup XOR.ai

Why Duals?

We genuinely believe in helping people find a job that aligns with their passion and their desire to leave a mark on earth. We are disrupting the reason people get jobs by allowing them to work for a cause.


  • Determine the project objectives at Duals and define proper project scope as well as a budget. Present Duals with comprehensive project plans.
  • Ensure that the project is completed within its cost and scope.
  • Define the resources we require to reach our main objectives
  • Allocate and manage the resources efficiently
  • Make use of appropriate tools and methods to measure the project performance.
  • Use up to date techniques and standards during the entire length of project execution.
  • Undertake comprehensive project documentation
  • Delegate the project tasks to the relevant team members and track their performance regularly
  • Ensure the completion of short and long term goals.
  • Document the needs at Duals with the help of spreadsheets, process maps and diagrams.

We also offer part-time work opportunities. Apply for this position with the information on your current job and the time you are willing to give to Duals.

Send your CV at jobs@duals.app