We are looking for:

DevOps Engineer

Company Info:
Urchin Systems focuses on helping businesses with product design, development and code acceleration.
Urchin Systems is a global software provider that prides itself on customer-centric service focus and top-tier software development talent. Our teams are located in Eastern Europe (Moldova) and in the US.

We are more than just colleagues – we are a family-friendly team that are ready to face any challenges.

Job Responsibilities:

⦁ Ensure high availability and fault tolerance of services in production;
⦁ Handle production system monitoring (alerting, dashboard);
⦁ Implement and maintain CI/CD processes;
⦁ Implement and maintain observability suite;
⦁ Managing Kubernetes clusters.

Required Skills:

⦁ Background in Linux administration;
⦁ Understanding of TCP/IP networking protocols and Linux based operating systems;
⦁ Experience with tools used ti automate software delivery (build, test, deploy), such as Jenkins or Gitlab CI/CD;
⦁ Experience with Google Cloud Platform;
⦁ Scripting skills in Bash;
⦁ Understanding of CI/CD processes;
⦁ Experience of implementing Logging & Monitoring tools;
⦁ Experience with Docker.
Additional Skills:

⦁ Programming skills in Python/Ruby/Goland;
⦁ Experience with SQL/NoSQL technologies like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.;
⦁ Knowledge of orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes;
⦁ Knowledge of Helm.


⦁ Competitive salary;
⦁ Corporate team building abroad;
⦁ Opportunity to train and work in US;
⦁ Relaxation area in the office;
⦁ Flexible working hours;
⦁ Access to online courses;
⦁ English language courses;
⦁ Snacks and drinks in the office;
⦁ Gym membership reimbursement.

Please send your CV to jobsmd@urchinsys.com