We are looking for:

Packer employee (Netherlands) - only EU passport

Do you want to work abroad? Are you ready for change and want a better salary?

Come and start working with KLIK UITZENDBUREAU now in the Netherlands. We offer your work for a whole year, weekly payment and personal support. We also provide accommodation and transportation if necessary.

Klik Uitzendbureau is one of the few trade union members of the Netherlands (NBBU). For this reason, we provide you with all kinds of possibilities for you to get trouble-free and reliable service and to work.

You work on the production line for tomato packaging. You work with several colleagues on the production line. Each production line has a line leader. It is your job to sort, weigh and pack the tomatoes.

You are busy with putting the right weight of tomatoes into the
packaging. Bad tomatoes also need to be thrown away. It is important that you work well and fast. The band leader will help you with this. When you should start depends on the shift you are working on.

Our terms:
• Physical work is not a problem for you (you work 8 hours standing)
• You want to work abroad for a long time (at least 16 weeks)
• Reading and speaking at least in one of the following languages: Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, or English is a must.
• It is an advantage to have a driving license.

Our offer:
• Working 5 or 6 days a week (40 to 50 hours).
• Weekly payment (between € 350 and € 450).
• 8.33% extra holiday allowance per week on top of the salary.
• You save 10.87% extra vacation hours.
• We arrange paid accommodation and transportation.

• Stay per 2 in a 3 star plus hotel.
• Private bathroom – shared kitchen.
• Accommodation in the area: Den Haag & Rotterdam.
• Maximum 30 minutes from the place of the job.

Our hourly rate: €9.72 - €10.00 gross
Weekly working hours: 40 to 60 hours
Weekly accommodation costs: * €115 per person
Weekly health insurance costs: €25
Daily transportation costs: €3
* We get the rent for the first week in advance