Компания Monsato SA приглашает специалистов по Базам Данных для работы по заказам постоянного американского клиента. 

Предлагаем участие в интересном и большом проекте тем, кто любит решать сложные задачи и кто реально заинтересован в профессиональном росте.

SQL developer
We’re looking for a Business/System Analyst to join our team working for a Fortune 500 American manufacturer of industrial tools. You will be closely working with data scientists, data engineers, project managers, and business users.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Business trips to the USA (relocation is an option)
  • Work on bleeding-edge projects  in a team of experienced and motivated developers and QA engineers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Team-buildings abroad
• Solid hands-on experience in RDBMS performance turning (preferably MySQL). 
• Experience in working in Large implementation of RDBMS databases (preferably MySQL). 
• Experience in Query Optimization, Partitioning, stored procedures tuning. 
• Had worked in optimization and normalization of DB. 
• Experience of using tools like SolarWinds for DB health/monitoring/performance. 
• Experience of AWS Aurora MySQL is a bonus Responsibilities 
• Review and analysis current DB Normalization and DB structures. 
• Implementation of suggestions to improve the structure and performance of the databases. 
• Review and application of performance improvements for DB Partitioning, Performance tuning of long-running SQL 
• Helping team to create efficient stored procedures 
• Designing strategy to maintain large tables including processes to add new columns/partition, Indexing strategy, etc
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