We are looking for:

Software Engineer

Role Overview

Safeguard Global is currently seeking Software Engineers to join our thriving, global team. The successful candidate will play a key role as part of an agile team building innovative products that make life better for people. You will work across the modern stack, leveraging the best technology to fit the problem. More importantly, what makes you a software engineer is that you are a creative thinker, going beyond the command line to engage your customers, stakeholders, and team members in solving complex problems. You will join a growing community of skilled software engineers that share a common interest in pragmatic, performant, agile software engineering.

You will work as part of a small, agile team, where continuous improvement isn’t a bumper sticker, it’s a part of our culture. You move fast, but don’t rush. You build in safety to move fast by working in small increments, writing testable, maintainable, deployable code, and getting continuous feedback from your team and from customers. You love collaboration, are always learning something new, and sharing what you know with others.

To succeed in this role, you will need to be a blend of skills and able to complement them with the skills of your team. You find a balance of process, technology, and creativity to meet the problem. You value transparency, communication, and inclusivity. You are an innovative problem solver and involve stakeholders and users.

The ideal candidate will have experience working in high performing agile teams, expertise in multiple programming languages, developing and scaling distributed systems, growing evolutionary architecture, going monolith to microservice, and developing products that integrate with other services including 3rd party systems.


• Play a key role on a high performing team
• Advance the values of the organization (caring, accountability, integrity, empowerment, passion, fun)
• Deliver outcomes

Skills / Attributes

• Proficient with JavaScript (preferred TypeScript)
• Proficient with ReactJS framework
• Proficient with NodeJS
• Familiarity with relational database technology such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
• Experience developing Microservices
• Experience with Git

Will be a plus
• Jest Test Framework
• Experience with CI/CD tools and processes
• Experience with containers
• Experience with Cloud Native Patterns and Cloud Technology, particularly AWS
• Experience with other programming languages (e.g. Python, Golang)
• Experience working in a high-performing agile team
• Experience with NoSQL DB, as plus will be good to know DynamoDB

• Udemy Courses
• Meal Voucher
• Marathon Participation Compensation
• Mortgage Loan

About Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global’s vision is to forever transform the way people work around the world. Our mission is to equip organizations with the technology, local market expertise and service to adapt to an ever-shifting global workforce. Safeguard Global knows what is needed for the ever-shifting demands of the global workforce. We build adaptive solutions for those seeking to thrive in the global economy. We build for what’s coming.

At Safeguard, we are continuously adapting our offerings—whether that's in advancing our technology offering or enhancing our services—to prepare our clients for the future.