Database Developer

We are looking for a Database Programmer whose main role will be to take an active part in design, develop, test, implement and maintain new and existing databases.

What will you do:
·         Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code;
·         Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable code;
·         Integrate software components and third-party programs;
·         Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application;
·         Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software;
·         Create technical documentation for reference and reporting;
·         Learn intensively about new and existing technologies.
Your experience:
·         SQL (professional understanding and usage of DML, DDL and DCL operations);
·         Clear understanding of what database transaction means and how it is controlled (TCL);
·         Experience in database schema design (tables, relations, restrictions, indexing, optimization);
·         Knowledge and experience with any procedural database language (preferred PL/SQL);
·         Knowledge and experience in database queue and/or scheduled jobs implementation, as well as web-services usage via database utilities;
·         5 years of high education in the field of computer science.
Having the ones mentioned bellow, would be an advantage:
·         Capability to analyze existent database structure and read existent procedures for debugging and modification purposes;
·         Taking care of code versioning control from modification to modification;
·         Habit to write self-documented code (using of comments and clear naming);
·         Willingness to write documentation for big database modules and packages;
·         Familiarity with Agile approach of team work;
·         Basic or advanced knowledge of server OS (Unix/Windows);
·         Experience with integration of heterogeneous informational systems;
·         Business analyses and requirements gathering skills.
If you fancy joining our team, apply for the job and send your CV to 
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