We are looking for:

Product Developer

Company Introduction

We are a highly driven international company, specialized in the marketing of luxury properties around the world.

As a result of the rapid expansion of our property portfolio, we are now focusing on ensuring appropriate strategies and mechanisms are in place to support our evolving operations.

Job Desrcription

We are looking for a Poduct Developer who will be responsible for finding new properties to add to our portfolio.

● Identifying & sourcing the most appropriate properties for the company’s development strategy and objectives;
● Compiling a shortlist of the best properties in each area, which will be reviewed by the Director and his assigned management team;
● Outline key features for each property, including but not limited to: location, pricing, amenities, services, availability, all compared to similar properties in the area and around the world.
● The preparation of a white-book (Manual) of procedures and processes related to their position;
● The pre-screening of properties with a view to establish accurate profiles;
● The liaison with the owners / managers / decision makers for each property with the intent to promote the property through the Fantasia Villas list of distributors;
● The development of strong rapports with staff, travel partners, property managers and suppliers;
● The coordination of bookings with services providers and the maintenance of records of all transactions entered including commission rates and payments;
● Any other duties assigned to the Sourcing Specialist by the Principal’s designated management staff.

● Attention to Details
● Multitasking
● Excellent customer service skills
● Problem Solving
● Ability to Work Independently
● Good negotiation skills

Preferred Qualifications
● Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Tourism or other related fields