We are looking for:

Angular developer Senior

Skills and experience:

Hard skills:
* Extensive experience with styling in CSS3 and SASS/LESS
* Extensive experience with scripting in TypeScript and JavaScript
* Extensive experience with Angular 11 - 13 for developing web frontends
* Extensive experience with RESTful APIs and caching
* Experience with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, as well as single page application libraries such as React or Vue
* Experience with the Bootstrap framework
* Ability to create responsive websites that look well on any resolution
* Good understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3, DOM, SVG, Canvas
* Good understanding of backend technologies such as Node.JS, .NET or Java
* Usage of best practices and standards for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility
* Habit of writing tests for each function/module/component during the development phase, not after the whole product is complete
* Habit of writing good explanatory comments inside the code, so that at least 10% of the code lines consist of comments
* Habit of writing product documentation during the coding process, not after the product is complete
* Experience with code versioning tools, especially GIT
* Up to date with the latest UI trends techniques and technologies

Soft skills:
* Excellent communication skills (English - verbal and written)
* Excellent team-work abilities
* Constructive conflict resolution skills
* Ability to receive and offer constructive feedback and adapt based on the feedback received
* Ability to ask for help where needed and help others when needed
* Willingness to help others find issues in their code in case of integration issues with own code

- Develop complex and large-scale frontend applications in Angular, using HTML5, TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 and SASS/LESS.
- Maintain current Angular frontend applications, ensuring continued operation and functionality.
- Define the best (fastest/most efficient/most scalable) development paths, together with management, to achieve the product goals.
- Offer implementation optimization suggestions for some of the received tasks
- Work closely with the other team members and help them build skills based on your experiences and solve issues with their own code.
- Develop test cases for cross browser testing and unit test the frontend code.
- Research, prototype and advise on new frontend technologies and tools as we evolve our platform tech stack
- Cooperate with the back-end developers in the process of building the RESTful APIs