Hey! We're looking for YOU!!! 

You're in LOVE with ENGLISH, aren't you?

If so, PROGRESS CLS encourages you to send your CV and get the chance to work in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere, where you'll be appreciated and handsomely rewarded! 

English Teacher (profesor de limba engleză)

- Advanced English Knowledge 
-Able to deal with customers of different ages
-Energetic, Easy-going, Punctual and Responsible

We offer:
- A motivating salary
- Ready didactic materials (forget about the headaches related to lesson planning, everything is done for you, just enjoy teaching!!!)
- Modern working facilities
*The classes are held from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm, Botanica district. 
*There are maximum 10 students in each class. 
**You have the opportunity to choose how many lessons you want per day!
**Full-time or part-time: it's up to you!
Don't hesitate to send your CV and get a job interview!