We are looking for:

Director of a new brand

ATTENTION: This is a unique and very rewarding opportunity for which only top-tier candidates are accepted – you must be young, ambitious, very smart, and extremely resourceful.
An unique and innovative skincare technology has recently been developed by Viorica Cosmetics. We are now looking for the right person to build and manage a premium global brand (completely separate from Viorica brand) based on this invention.
Your job will involve:
-          Develop the strategy and creative platform of the new brand
-          Work closely with specialized teams at Viorica staff (design team, cosmetics lab, dermal-science team, etc) to develop products based on the new technology
-          Manage the development of marketing for the new brand (video spots, ads, written content)
-          Create and execute an online marketing strategy to promote the product in foreign markets
-          Organize participation in international exhibitions, find and establish partnerships with various EU and global retailers to sell our product
-          Hiring, building, and managing a best-in-class team
-          Financial planning and reporting
-          Administrative work and any other work required to move the project forward
Candidate requirements:
-          Resourceful, energetic, ‘Get things done’ type of mentality
-          Capable of strategic, analytical, and systemic thinking
-          Good knowledge of English, familiar with Western culture, well-travelled, preferably lived abroad at some stage
-          Big interest in skincare
This is an opportunity to start “a startup within a company”, making use of an existing know-how, collective experience and resources of a corporation, whilst maintaining independence and being very well motivated based on the result.

To Apply for this position please send your CV to: hr@viorica.md