We are looking for:

Junior .NET/C# Software Engineer

The incumbent is expected to undertake the following duties - Responsibilities

  • Development: develop features and infrastructure components for the platform;
  • Operations: monitor the platform in production, debug and manage incidents, maximize reliability;
  • Communication: communicate development status, requirements, technical specifications, proposals, best practices;
  • Engineering Excellence: facilitate engineering excellence across the team, including code quality, testing, system architecture, performance & reliability, capacity planning.

Preferred Qualifications

  • No experience or 1+ experience in software development;
  • Experience building small apps end-to-end, including UI, application service and database components;
  • Willingness to learn a complex domain, apply sophisticated engineering techniques, and operate as part of a team;
  • Experience with our tech stack is appreciated, but not required;
  • Kind, smart, gets things done.

Preferred Technical Qualifications

  • Azure: we are cloud native and run on Azure;
  • .NET/C#: back-end systems are written in C#;
  • CosmosDB: our source-of-truth datastore and event log;
  • Cognitive Search: used for search and reporting functions;
  • Blobs, Tables, Queues: used for document storage as well as caches of external data;
  • Functions, Logic Apps: simple automation tasks;
  • JavaScript/TypeScript/Angular,React: Web UI/UX;
  • Dart/Flutter: Native UI/UX;
  • Service Fabric: systems involving colocation of state and compute;
  • Azure Monitor & Application Insights: system and infrastructure monitoring and alerting;
  • Integrations: integrations with various types of services, including geo-location, ELD, mapping, routing, as well as partner companies such as shippers, brokers, etc.


  • Fluent English;
  • Ability to quickly ramp up on multiple technology areas;
  • Open to give and receive feedback; 
  • Proactive and result-driven;
  • Strong customer focus;
  • Kind, smart, gets things done.

We offer:

  • Motivation
  • Official and competitive salary in USA$;
  • Social package included;
  • Regular revisions of remuneration package;
  • Long term collaboration will be motivated additionally;
  • we offer the possibility of professional training and the construction of a long-term professional path;
  • Work in an international environment within a professional in-house team of engineers;
  • Chisinau city center location;
  • Inside and outside area to relax;
  • Kitchen with all facilities (fridge, microwave, coffee machine, etc);
  • Corporate and team building events for employees;


  • You build it, you run it: rather than throwing specs over the wall to the next team, we collaborate and share ownership end-to-end.
  • Blameless Culture: we take ownership and responsibility, but we don't point fingers. We all make mistakes, but we try to do our best.
  • Engineering Excellence: we promote a principled approach to system engineering, involving the best techniques from practice and theory.
  • Trust, Transparency & Fairness: these are our core company values, and simultaneously, the underlying problems in the industry that we hope to address.

About the job
At Alvys technology is at the core of our business. As a software engineer at Alvys, you will develop and operate a SaaS platform for freight transportation logistics. Alvys is used by transportation companies (carriers, brokers) to manage the various processes involved in moving freight. Alvys covers the core transportation workflows, such as sourcing, fulfillment, fleet management and accounting. Alvys consists of several applications, including a web-app used by operations staff, and a native mobile app used by drivers.
Your work will reduce repetitive tasks and allow people to substantially increase their productivity. More broadly, your work will create efficiencies in the movement of physical goods across the country, bearing a tangible impact on the supply chain.
As a senior engineer at Alvys, your job will also involve mentorship of junior engineers, influence on the technical direction of the company and promotion of engineering excellence.
This is a full-time, long-term role at an ambitious, early stage company. As such, it might require you to wear multiple hats, think creatively, and adaptively navigate unstructured terrain.

Alvys is on a mission to make transportation logistics companies more efficient.
Transportation is a complex domain that involves many moving parts, and lacks automation and standardization. The US freight industry generates $800B in annual revenue, moving $15T worth of goods $12T of which is moved by truck. The US carrier market is fragmented - there are around 700,000 carriers, 96% of which have fewer than 6 trucks, and 99% have fewer than 100. These smaller carriers have been overlooked by technology companies and lack tools to help them run their business. Alvys is solving this problem bottom up: backed by experience in operating a carrier and brokerage business, we develop technology in collaboration with our customers, creating a tight feedback cycle and allowing us to automate workflows end-to-end rather than simply building individual features. The advent of cloud and machine learning technologies creates possibilities, and at Alvys, our mission is to harness these possibilities to make supply chains more efficient.
Our technology is our core competitive advantage.