We are looking for:

Back-End Developer Node.JS / Python 4,000$ - 5,000$

About the position:
We developed CV and AI algorithms that runs on our parking sensors, and we are now looking for a backend developer to prepare our system for scale, and take our algorithms and system architecture to the next level.
In this role you will:
Lead the software development of our system - Servers, algorithms, DBs, MLops, client app and parking sensors
* Plan and build our whole software architecture.
Be part of a fast-growing engineering team that builds a cutting-edge platform that makes a real impact in the world.
* Will have a major role in designing and building our system and the way we work.
* Work closely with other functions in the R&D - product manager, CTO, Head of HW, frontend developers, and more.
You'll shine if you have...
* 4+ years of hands-on experience in Python/Node .JS development: OOP, Web frameworks, clean and secure code
*   1+ years of experience with deep learning algorithms and ML: Preprocessing, training, and deployment. 
Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases.
* Experience with running production workloads on AWS/Azure/GCP platform.
* Familiarity with web sockets, basic front-end, image processing, Linux & bash, Load Balancers & Auto-Scale servers.
* Experience with event streaming and messaging platforms such as Kafka, RabbitIv1Q, Kubernetes),
The secret sauce of our team members is:
* Team players.
* Passionate about problem-solving_
* Independent,
* Agility - always ready for big changes and pivots in a very dynamic work environment.
• Experience working with RESTful web services and working with 3rd party APIs
• Knowledge and experience on the agriculture and irrigation industry - an advantage.
• Experience working with database languages
• Experience with containers, orchestration, and CI\CD processes.
• Familiar with agile\SCRUM methodologies and tools