We are looking for:

Sales Manager

LH-Crypto is an international multi-financial broker company with a long history of business presence. We have clients from over 20 countries, multiple awards of the industry, including ‘The most innovative broker’ and ‘The best broker of the year’ awards.
The company has a newly created position of Account Manager for online work.

The successful candidate is expected to have experience and skills of:
- Financial analysis and/or trading on financial markets (preferred, but not crucial)
- Working with clients (client service)
- Negotiation and sales skills

The position in question requires the successful candidate to contact company’s clients to resolve their ongoing issues and onboard new clients (from our list, no searching for your own leads required). Therefore, the candidate is required to have good speaking and writing English, experience in sales and/or client service and the ability to win people over.

This position provides a perfect opportunity to turn a well-experienced hobbyist trader/analyst or a sales manager into a professional and gain an official experience of the craft. There is also a great prospect of making a career in brokerage and international finance should the candidate prove the dedication and develop necessary skills.

There is a 3 months probation period with the following structure:
1st month: $1000 salary with the requirement of onboarding $2500+ worth of new capital
2nd and 3rd months: $1250 salary with the requirement of onboarding $5000+ worth of new capital

After the probation period, the candidate will be receiving a salary as well as percentage of the attracted funds (discussed separately), as well as discounts to company services and other perks.