We are looking for:

Unity programmer in creating multiplayer

MOBA - multiplayer online battle game. Players battle each other in a single-serving 5-on-5 team battle with hero characters and gain rewards after that battle, which can be used to upgrade and improve their characters, forming the meta progression of the game. To finish the ultimate goal, the player will have to destroy the enemy's base to win the game.

Now we are looking for a Unity programmer experienced in creating multiplayer.


  • 4+ years of game development
  • Solid skills of using Photon for server-less backend and real-time multiplayer solutions
  • Expert in Unity and C#
  • Optimization and profiling
  • Must have experience in multiplayer games
  • Writing clean, readable, scalable and easily maintainable code
  • Strong understanding of OOP principles
  • Candidate must be knowledgeable in different networking topologies and solutions that implement them
  • Skills of using Playfab for server-less backend and real-time multiplayer solutions


  • Development of the client side of mobile projects on Unity
  • Development of business logic
  • Core mechanic development
  • Creation of game interfaces
  • Work with graphics and downloadable content
  • Integration of third-party services for social interaction, stores, analytics, etc.
  • Development of editorial tools
  • Profiling and optimization of code and graphics