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Game Tester

MOBA - multiplayer online battle game. Players battle each other in a single-serving 5-on-5 team battle with hero characters and gain rewards after that battle, which can be used to upgrade and improve their characters, forming the meta progression of the game. To finish the ultimate goal, the player will have to destroy the enemy's base to win the game.


  • 2+ years in game development
  • Previous experience as a video game tester
  • Passion for gaming
  • Experience with PC, console, and mobile games
  • Advanced understanding of game dynamics, sandbox explorations, side quests, and hidden levels
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills


  • Writing Test Cases
  • Creating bug reports
  • System testing
  • UI testing
  • Functional testing
  • Localization testing
  • Playing the game to completion
  • Completing all side quests and exploring all levels
  • Finding and exploring locations not anticipated by the game designers
  • Making a note of all glitches and bugs in the game
  • Collecting all XP points and leveling up characters
  • Achieving the highest character level
  • Playing with different characters
  • Communicating any issues to the game designers
  • Recommending game additions or modifications
  • Rating the game in terms of enjoyment and difficulty