We are looking for:

GIS data engineer / Python

Company description
GreenoSoil is developing a unique digital platform in the carbon market (“GreenO”) to integrate the sector's leading players: farmers, enterprises, and advisors (www.greeno.ag).
We encourage enterprises that use agricultural raw materials (crops) in their supply chains, such as food and apparel companies to participate in the global decarbonization movement. To succeed, companies need innovative, efficient, and reliable decarbonization technologies.
Therefore, we promote sustainable agriculture to improve soil health, water and air quality, enhance ecosystem biodiversity, produce nutrient-dense food, and store carbon. Regenerative agriculture enhances crops’ climate resilience thus improving the financial security of the farming community.

Job description

  • You will be engaged in designing and implementing GIS features for GreenoSoil, including geospatial cloud services, data pipelines, and analytical tools. We are looking for a candidate with solid software and systems engineering skills ready to build and learn new GIS technologies.
  • You will be responsible for working with internal and external geospatial tools and data, to deliver geospatial services. Fluent in programming in Python is required. Familiarity with Rasterio, Geopandas, and Gdal is helpful; however, more than expertise in specific technologies we are looking for a candidate with fundamental GIS and software (data structures, algorithms) knowledge. Good hands-on experience with distributed engines such as Spark, Dask, or Ray. Experience in processing satellite images Sentinel, Landsat is an advantage.
  • Success in this role requires strong software engineering skills, experience with GIS, and the ability to learn new technologies quickly.
  • If you have a passion for the geospatial sciences and the desire to work on cutting-edge problems, then you will be in great company on our team.


  • Competitive compensation (above market salary range) and equity in a rapidly-growing Climate Agtech start-up.
  • Contribute your valuable time to a project dedicated to global environmental issues.
  • Be a part of a team of talented and friendly senior-level developers.
  • Work on projects that allow you to use cutting-edge tech. We believe in constantly evolving your mastery.
  • Flexible schedules. Hybrid work from home and in the office.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume to be@greeno.ag