C1 Transportation Inc hiring:

Brokerage Accountant

Job Description: Brokerage Accountant

Department: Accounting

Reports To: Controller

Position Goal: Record, maintain, organize the payables, collections, and revenue numbers for the Brokerage company. This position provides an opportunity for a candidate to grow and oversee the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable department as the company grows.

Primary Duties:
1. Customer Support

  • Monitor, forward or respond to emails regarding Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR). This includes following up with customers and carriers on payments and/or past due invoices.
  • Assist and communicate with Carriers regarding questions on invoice payment statuses, short payments, etc. and obtaining necessary information as needed from Controller

2. Maintain Information in Transportation Management Software (TMS)
- Billing—Accounts Receivable

  • Regularly complete the billing process to ensure timely billing
  • Review all exceptions reports for loads not ready to be billed and coordinate with operations on updating them
  • Check if BOL is uploaded and the quality meets the customer’s standards
  • Review if all the documents have been uploaded in TMS System and all Customers have a payable contact
  • Monitor and update if needed customers’ information
  • Review all completed loads that are marked ‘Ready to Bill’ by operations
  • Add customers in Imaging and set the correct profiles for billing processing
  • Coordinate with operations on customers’ claims and update TMS with progress and other notes

- Carrier Pay—Accounts Payable

  • Review, update and add Carrier methods of payments: factoring, check or direct deposit and update in TMS system
  • Create, track and update at needed basis Factoring companies’ information such as address, method of payment etc.
  • Upload Carrier invoices in TMS and track receiving dates for payment reports
  • Review, update, and add in TMS system to ensure Carriers have the correct payee details and documents uploaded
  • Complete Settlements processing and forward reports to Controller for timely and accurate payments
  • Monitor Quick Pay Program Requests and update the accounts payable department.
  • Coordinate with operations on Carriers’ claims and update TMS with related notes

- Internal Reporting

  • Maintain the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Year-to-Date amounts for load counts, gross revenue, net margin.
  • Maintain, analyze, and create reports for Brokerage numbers on a by Customer or by Carrier basis.
  • Assist Controller in maintaining QuickBooks Online reporting by categorizing bank/credit card transactions. This also includes assisting in bank and credit card reconciliations.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • English level at B2 or higher.
  • Above average proficiency in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is a must.
  • Solid communication skills with proficiency in speaking and writing 
  • Accurate and organized with the ability to multitask. 
  • Reconciliation skills

Physical Requirements: 

  • Prolonged periods of sitting and spending extended hours in front of a computer screen 

Education and Experience: 

  • Effective written and oral communications skills in English 
  • Prior experience in working a cash register or bank account
  • Experience working in an office setting 
  • Above Average skills in Microsoft Excel and 10-key 
  • QuickBooks Online experience is a plus
  • Enthusiasm for numbers