We offer:

Python internship (Artificial Intelligence) in Germany

Duration: 9-12 months

Who offers?
IAW (Internationale Akademie fur Aus- und Weiterbildung, a non-profit organization based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany) in collaboration with ICG Engineering SRL (a German IT company based in Chisinau, Moldova)

For whom?
For graduates and students of IT specialties, mathematics, physics. Students must be enrolled in university for at least 4 semesters (bachelor's degree) and any semester for a master's or doctoral student. An important factor in the selection of trainees is the knowledge of English at an intermediate level.

Internship areas

  • Embedded Systems
  • Electronics
  • Desktop Programming
  • Web development

What does an intern receive?

  • Experience in a German IT company (IMSGear, Schunk, Froehlich, Endress und Hauser, Nexus, Fischer, MADA, Koenig und Bauer and others)
  • Travel costs reimbursement
  • Paid leave (20 working days)
  • Free accommodation throughout the internship
  • Scholarship 850 -1000 Euro net per month
  • Free courses of German
  • After the internship, a well-paid job (starting salary: 1600-1800 Euro neto) in Chisinau at ICG Engineering (icg-engineering.com) with an employment contract for an indefinite period

Why is the participation free?
The IAW is supported by the Employment Agency and the German Chamber of Commerce, the Federal Ministry of the Economy, and part of the costs are covered by the company where the internship takes place.

What do you need to do to get an internship?
Send your CV, scanned copy of the diploma and diploma supplement with grades / for students - semester grades to: info@iaw-germany.de

The assessment center includes an interview and a technical test. 

Contact: info@iaw-germany.de or 060899909 / 060781555