We are the first audit company in the Republic of Moldova established in 1991. Our vast experience in the local market will help you develop essential skills and insight knowledge. 

Junior Auditor

Benefits of working with us:

  • We value work-life balance so you can have time to pursue hobbies, study to further your qualification, take care of your well-being and spend time with your loved ones.
  • Very competitive starting salary.
  • No fixed career promotion path, your bright future is as close as you are ready to grab it. Remunerations are re-negotiated based on performance.
  • You will work on engagements with clients ranging from non-profit organisations to service, manufacturing and banking.
  • Any engagement outside of Chisinau are day trips, this way work will not intervene with your life.
  • Our team will help you learn by providing coaching on engagements, we do not hold a sink or swim mentality, as long as you are eager to learn there will always be help.

The role:

  • You will begin by engaging with our non-profit entities team which audits charitable organisations. As soon as you will show progress you will also be appointed to teams engaged in audits of profit entities in manufacturing, services, sales etc. After you will gain some experience with such clients you have the opportunity to specialise in banking audit and tax consultancy. The time frame for this progress can vary significantly depending on your individual performance.
  • If you will wish to further your career you will be expected to begin your path to local audit certification. Our team will help you with preparations.
  • Your day-to-day work will range from inspecting documentation, performing tests, discussing relevant issues with clients and many others.
  • We are looking for people that are highly responsible, reliable, ready to learn and hold an overall positive attitude.


  • Undergraduate degree in fields related to accounting, audit, banking, business management or economics.
  • If you can read this you can tick off the second requirement. By far most of your day-to-day work will be in Romanian but a reasonably good level of English is required to be able to read and write documentation. Beginners are encouraged to apply if they are taking active steps to improve their English.
  • Computer literacy of an average level and above, special attention is given to Microsoft Excel.
  • Candidates that feel like they are not the exact fit for the role and requirements are still encouraged to apply, maybe some of your skills can redeem your lack of other ones.