We are looking for:

Full-stack engineer, Web3

Holdex builds web3 products and helps like-minded founders who solve real-world problems to succeed. We are looking for a Full-stack engineer to increase our power and help us propel our mission further.

Holdex is a startup studio with focus on web3 and blockchain technology adoption. Our team is distributed across the world on a mission to “Accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies that empower inclusive financial systems”.

We partner with startups and companies with traction to provide them with resources, domain expertise, execution and access to professional industry network. Primarily, we are responsible for product development, engineering, audit, product roadmap, measurable goals, design, release planning, iterative development, deployment and service reliability engineering.

In this role you will:

  • Build complete web3 applications. We built products that are already running and helping numerous users around the world, and there are new products waiting on the line. You’ll be responsible for rolling out features, gathering feedback and enhancing existing products even further.
  • Act as leader and work self-directed. Our culture plays a big part in our success. Thus our engineers never wait for tasks from managers, instead they are all self-manageable and take ownership to help achieve the goals.
  • Interview stakeholders and customers. In order to understand a project better, you’ll have to keep in touch with customers/stakeholders and ask questions to help you solve the problems. Ultimately, you will have to make product decisions based on the answers gathered.
  • Grow professionally and amplify your voice. We have brilliant engineers in our team ready to support you along the journey. But if you are already experienced, we are eager to learn new things from you as well. We’re also happy to assist you express yourself with educational courses or articles for our blog.

Requirements for you:

  • Fluent English is a must. The entire communication inside the team is in English, accompanied by complex financial domain terminology that you will have to learn yourself in order to understand the product.
  • Advance knowledge of JavaScript and efficiency with Solidity. Our codebase mainly runs on JavaScript in a serverless environment and the DB source is the blockchain itself. We query the blockchain via GraphQL using The Graph nodes or our own nodes. All applications are built in SvelteKit with no future plans to change it.
  • Be ready for code bases of varying ages. Sometimes we start projects from scratch, other times we must optimize legacy code or introduce modern engineering practices.
  • Able to work asynchronously and self-directed. Be able to document your ideas, questions and solutions. Define and plan your own work to help us achieve the goals.
  • Take ownership over your tasks and execute their delivery on time. Communicate when things go wrong and make sure everyone involved is aware of it.

How to apply:
We’re not looking for a typical CV or overly formal cover letter. Instead, share real stories about your experiences, interests, previous projects and your achievements.

Complete our job application form on our website at: https://apply.holdex.io/job