Frank Technology, a new Scan-Plast and Tunetanken branch in Moldova, is an international company that develops, produces and markets a large number of different products manufactured, wholly or partly, in fibre-reinforced composite materials. We therefore address many different industries and customer groups.

Experienced Interior Architect

Experienced interior architect for redesign/remodeling of a factory in Rezina.

We have to renovate and convert a building that used to be a textile factory, but now we are converting it to a multifunctional plant. Ideally, the designer would also be a capable and experienced project manager, with good contacts with local contractors and suppliers who can lead all aspects of the renovation. 

General requirements:
  • Creative person;
  • Experience in adaptive reuse of industrial buildings;
  • Understanding of appropriate industry standards and construction practice;
  • Interest and experience in sustainable design;
  • Maintains knowledge and proficiency in building interior construction, techniques of current industry trends on space, function, materials, etc.;
  • Familiar with drawing in 2D and 3D;
  • Thorough understanding of how a drawing set goes together;
  • Knowledge of interiors-related building and life safety codes;
  • Industry knowledge for understanding how things are built and how to apply that knowledge to fit the project design and budget;
  • Guarantee high quality of the delivered work;
  • Well-informed about the evolutions within the specific field and that your knowledge is up-to-date within the context of new developments.
Minimum Qualifications:
Qualified Project Interior Designers already exhibit these strengths and talents:
  • 1+ years of experience in commercial design;
  • Display strong design portfolio showing strengths, creativeness and experience in conceptual design, space planning skills and detailing;
  • Professional degree in Interior Architectural Design;
  • Must be very creative.
  • Develops technical designs and edits architectural drawings to ensure an exemplary solution is delivered that meets quality parameters, project timelines, and budgetary requirements;
  • Translate concepts and information into images;
  • Execute and complete usable construction paperwork;
  • Coordinate the selection of materials, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.
If interested in this position, please include, along with your CV and a photo of yourself, the following information and send it to
  • portfolio;
  • do you have a driving license; if yes, what category?
  • do you have a EU passport?
  • please list all the foreign languages that you speak.
  • testimonials from your clients or recommendations from previous employers - if any..