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You should choose MANTIS if you don't have a registered company in Moldova, but you are interested in Moldovan IT poll of candidates who can successfully work for you.

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We are able to provide your business with a wide network of professionals from IT DIGITAL MARKETING fields. Republic of Moldova becomes more and more attractive to investors, the main reason being the low cost of labor, especially in relation to the countries of Centraland South-Eastern Europe and Russia.

The average monthly salary for an employee in the Republic of Moldova is 300 EUR. Please see our SALARY GUIDE with IT Digital Marketing and other 650 specialitiesin our new issue! The Resident Overseas service allows your company to create its own international network of professionals.

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Focus on Business

We hire the candidates you decided on, and assum responsibility for all the activities related to staff records and human resources management. We have Best Payroll Management. You focus strictly on your primary business activity.

We help You to Grow!

Our in-depth knowledge of the cultures and traditions from Moldova allows us to support you in identifying the people who are most suited  to work at your company and meet your needs.

Mantis provides IT staff to Companies from worldwide according to their requirement. We complete your IT Departament with local developers for FULL, PART or REMOTE work in Moldova. 

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